Consortium Form

The Consortium Form:

  • The form allows you to list the number of credit hours you are taking at each site and to list your community college classes.
  • The form is an authorization that allows Ferris State University and appropriate community college staff members to exchange necessary information including, but not limited to financial aid, billing and student record information.
  • The form also serves as a format for your FSU advisor to approve your community college classes.  The consortium form should be submitted every semester that you plan on taking community college classes.  You should submit it as soon as you are officially registered for your classes at the community college. 
  • If any changes are made to your community college schedule you MUST complete a new consortium form with all of your community college classes listed. 
  • If you are taking only FSU classes, the consortium form is not required.
  • The consortium form must be received by the 4th official count date of each semester (4th class day).  Any forms received after this date will not be processed.  

The Consortium Form and Financial Aid:

For financial aid purposes, only classes at your approved community college site will be counted towards enrollment. For example, if your approved community college site is Delta and you decide to take classes at Mott Community College, the Mott classes will not be counted in your enrollment for financial aid purposes.

All of your community college classes must be applicable to your FSU program. The appropriate FSU advisor will make that determination based on the classes listed on the consortium form.

Please note: If the community college classes are not approved by the FSU advisor, they will not be counted in your overall enrollment.

View the online Consortium Form.