Incoming Freshmen 
Scholarships Fall 2015- Spring 2016

Ferris State University is pleased to offer several scholarship opportunities to first-time attending freshmen.

Woodbridge N. Ferris Scholarships

Founder's Scholarship

    • Value - Full-Tuition up to $11,190 per year/$44,760 for four years
    • Criteria:31 ACT/1360 SAT score and a 3.9 High School GPA.

President's Scholarship

    • Value - $6,000 per year/$24,000 for four years
    • Criteria:29 ACT/1290 SAT score and a 3.7 High School GPA.

Provost's Scholarship

    • Value - $4,500 per year/$18,000 for four years
    • Criteria: 26 ACT/1170 SAT score and a 3.5 High School GPA.

Dean's Scholarship

    • Value - $3,500 per year/$14,000 for four years
    • Criteria: 24 ACT/1120 SAT score and a 3.4 High School GPA.

Ferris Gold Scholarship

    • Value - $2,000 per year/$8,000 for four years
    • Criteria: 22 ACT/1020 SAT score and a 3.25 High School GPA.

Ferris Crimson Scholarship

    • Value - $1,500 per year/ $6,000 for four years
    • Criteria: 21 ACT/980 SAT score and a 3.0 High School GPA.


For complete scholarship details, including renewal criteria, please visit our WNF Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Out-of-State Students