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The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning’s aim is to support all who teach at and for Ferris State University.  We do this – individually and collaboratively – by responding to and meeting the needs and interests of individual faculty, academic units, and the broader University community.


Institute on Inclusion and Inclusive Classrooms
June 18th-22nd, 9-12 pm, FLITE 405
The conversations and work we do in the Institute on Inclusion and Inclusive Classrooms will lead to practical and useful skills, ideas, and knowledge, and enable us to:

  1. Identify aspects of our identities and describe how they influence or shape our responses, interactions, and perceptions of others;
  2. Describe and use with increasing ease words, phrases, and concepts relevant to diversity and inclusion; and
  3. Integrate or enhance methods and approaches that create increasingly more inclusive learning environments and experiences for students and others.

The Institute on Inclusion and Inclusive Classrooms is a space for faculty – non-tenure track, tenure-track, and tenured alike – to explore inclusion- and diversity-related topics that impact us as educators and members of other communities.  We will explore learning barriers encountered by students and other topics such as social identity, intersectionality, microaggression, stereotype threat, and power and privilege.  We’ll have candid, respectful, and inspiring conversations on complex topics. 

There’s more! Faculty who participate fully and complete the work associate with the Institute will be eligible to receive a $800 Professional Development Incentive.  A full breakfast and snack will be provided each day; and for those faculty traveling more than 50 miles, FCTL will reimburse for lodging.

Registration information can be found here or by contacting fctl@ferris.edu.