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MyScholarships Award Status Update

Many of the MyScholarships opportunities have now been awarded. 

If you were one of the successful applicants for a scholarship that has already been awarded, you will be able to view the scholarship award in MyFSU, Academics and Services, Award for Aid Year. If you have been awarded a scholarship, you will receive separate notification from the office or college who awarded you the scholarship.

You may also view the current status of all scholarship opportunities that you applied for by logging into MyScholarships (MyFSU, Academics and Services, Financial Aid Forms and Links, select My Scholarships.)

Once you are logged into MyScholarships, from the Applications page, view each of the scholarship opportunity boxes. At the top of each opportunity box you will find the status of that particular opportunity. Here’s a list of the possible status options and the definition for each status:

Awarded – Congratulations you have been awarded this scholarship! Check your award in MyFSU for award details

Reviewed Not Selected – You were not a successful candidate for this opportunity

Drafted – Still under review by the awarding committee

Submitted – Still under review by the awarding committee

Thank you for submitting your application in the MyScholarships search system and for your patience during implementation of this new scholarship search system.

 FSU Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid








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