Financial Aid
Completing Requirements

It is important that you log into MyFSU on a regular basis to check your MyFSU email and to check for any student requirements. You will be sent notification via email to check your records if there are any outstanding requirements that need to be satisfied.

When you log into MyFSU, select the Academics and Services tab and then look under the “Financial Aid Requirements” heading. Make sure that you select the correct academic year that you want to view.

The Student Requirements heading will list any missing requirements that need to be completed. If you do not understand what is being requested, please contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance. Please note that once you have submitted the required document or process, the requirement will remain until the Financial Aid Office has confirmed or "satisfied" the requirement. The Financial Aid Office will update the requirement to "received" within 24 hours of receiving the document. Depending on the time of year and office work flow, the time delay for satisfying requirements will vary.

Here's an example: You have completed your FAFSA and have accepted a Direct Loan. There will be two new requirements added to MyFSU. One requirement will be to complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and the second will be to complete a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note. You will be required to complete both of these electronic processes by visiting two separate websites. It takes up to three days for the confirmation of these electronic processes to be sent to the Financial Aid Office. The outstanding requirement will remain on your MyFSU Student Requirements list until we have received the confirmation. Once received, the requirement will be changed to satisfied. If the requirement has not changed to satisfied after three business days, please contact the Financial Aid Office to check the status.

Student Requirements may be added to MyFSU at any time as various processes are completed. It is your responsibility to periodically review your Student Requirements.

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