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Prevention & Education


A confidential, personalized, online course that answers your questions and dispels myths about sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking
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Bystander Intervention

Ferris State University has implemented the following strategies to create a culture that intervenes when a community member is in trouble:

  • Step UP

Step UP is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others. Step UP training provides a framework explaining the bystander effect, reviews relevant research and teaches skills for intervening successfully using the 5 Decision making steps, combined with the Direct, Distract, Delegate Model for effective helping.

  •  Communication, Choices, & Consent

This engaging and interactive program is presented in collaboration with Lindsay Barber – Director of Birkam Health & Counseling. It covers healthy relationships, consent as well as the Bystander effect, and how to safely and effectively intervene. We additionally show the following video that was produced and ask students to think what they would do in a similar situation. 

  • Campus Needs You

Campus Needs You was created by the student assistants at the Ferris State University Title IX Office as a resource for those who want to learn more about rape culture and the importance of consent. Our goal is to provide resources for survivors, as well as prevent sexual assault from happening on campus or in the community.

  • Other Annual Programs

Title IX partners with various offices and Registered Student Organizations to organize a variety of prevention programming such as Take Back the Night; Walk a Mile in Her Shoes; Informal Conversations; and many more.


Campus Speaker Series Opportunities

“Choices, Communication, & Consent”
“Take Back the Night”
“5 Star” programs on sexual awareness

Facilitated Programs

Alcohol and drug programming
Public Safety presentations (open sessions and FSUS)
Residence Hall programs on sexual violence and consent

Information Distribution

Counseling information provided in building lobbies
General distribution policies and procedures
Information via Code of Student Community Standards
Virtual Women’s Resource Center

Resources to Prevent Further Victimization

Personal Counseling Center Counselors
Birkam Health Center Clinicians
The Department of Public Safety
The Office of Student Conduct
The Dean of Student Life Office


Training Done:

  • Global Compliance Network online training for new professionals (Harassment)
  • Monthly anti-harassment and non-discrimination seminars provided through the Equal Opportunity Office at Ferris State University
  • Outside training experiences for individuals directly responsible for resolving complaints through ASCA, NASPA, and other professional organizations
  • Annual training for University Committee on Discipline (UCD) members [faculty, staff and students]
  • Regular training for University police on responding to incidents of sexual violence
  • Ongoing housing staff training provided by Residence Life and through collaboration with the Department of Public Safety, the Office of Student Conduct, the Ferris Equal Opportunity Office, and the Personal Counseling Center.