Faculty and Staff Drive 2017-18


The Opportunity Fund

Some students experience the reality that they might not be able to finish their last year as a senior or come back the next academic semester due to overwhelming, financial burdens.

Give a little, support a lotThe Student Foundation is currently raising crucial funds for the Opportunity Fund. This emergency fund is for students who have exhausted all avenues of financial aid and still fall short.

As a Ferris employee, you are privileged to see the growth of our students every day. We are providing you this opportunity to show your extended investment in students by making a monetary gift.

You see first-hand how many students on campus need a helping hand and now you can act and be a helping hand.

A gift by payroll deduction has a greater impact on students as it provides support on a regular basis! By committing to give as little as $3 each pay period, you pledge to assist students year-round.


Giving Options for Faculty and Staff:


Other Suggested Giving:

College or Program

                                        students walking on campus infront of the Woodbridge Statue

Make a gift to a designated college or program of you choice and know that you are having an immediate impact on the quality of students' experiences and education. 


A Legacy of Opportunity

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Whether you support an existing scholarship or create a new one, your gift helps to provide a lasting legacy of opportunity. 

Scholarships can also be created for honorary and memorial purposes as well as individually or as a group of coworkers with a common cause.




Contact Jennifer Yontz at JenniferYontz@ferris.edu, or stop by the Office of Advancement.


                                             Thank you for your support! 


Faculty and staff members are encouraged to use the following resources to plan their engagement and fundraising activities at Ferris: 

Faculty and Staff Giving Links


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