Acquiring Software and Hardware - Employees

What Software am I able to purchase for my personal use at home?

  • Microsoft Products
    Ferris is providing Office 365 to all employees and students free of charge. With Office 365, you will have access to the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more. Click here for information on how to download.

  • Other Software
    Employees are ale to get Symantec Antivirus and other software via the Home CD site located within the Workplace tab under the Computer Network Services channel in MyFSU. 

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    As a result of signing a three-year contract, Adobe is offering free home use for faculty and staff. 
    1. Go to the web store at and click on the Faculty/Staff tab
    2. Click the “Sign In” link in the top right hand corner.
    3. Log into the site with your email.
    4. Click on the “Register” button right below the sign in box. You will be asked to enter your Ferris email with which you will be verified.
    5. Upon verification, proceed with the registration process and submit the form.
    6. An email will be sent to your account to confirm the address (this is to ensure that users are being verified with their profile and not trying to use another member’s account to register.)

    NoteAs the University has a limited amount of licenses for University-owned computers, please be sure that you absolutely need these Adobe products. If you do not, please do not request to have them put on your University-owned device.

    This software is only for home computers only. If it is installed on University-owned computers it will cause licensing issues with the Ferris owned version and result in errors.

    The Technology Assistance Center (TAC) is not responsible for any support related to the home installation and has no ability to troubleshoot registration and installation issues. If you need assistance with the download portion, you will need to contact Adobe for support at (800) 833-6687. You can also find support at 

What Hardware am I able to purchase for my personal use at home?

  • HP equipment
    Employees are able to purchase HP equipment from the Ferris portal at

  • Equipment resale
    Other hardware is also available for purchase via the Used Equipment Retail Store.


Acquiring and Software and Hardware - Students

Several Microsoft products, like Office, and many Adobe Products are available for deep discounts via the STS Store

You may also get Dell equipment and accessories at a discount via our contract with them. 

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of software for home use, please review the Microsoft Home Use Program FAQ. For other questions regarding obtaining hardware and software for personal use, please contact the TAC @ 231.591.4822 or toll free at 877.779.4822.