Social Work M.S.W.

Learn How to REALLY Help People!

The M.S.W. program prepares students for clinical social work, usually therapy with individuals, families, or groups. This M.S.W. degree program will give you skills and experience in different forms of evidenced based therapy and help you gain what you will need in the real world of social work. The employment opportunities are much greater with an M.S.W. degree, and you will be able to focus on assisting people work through their issues at a level one cannot do with a B.S.W.

What Will I Study?

The masters in social work program focuses on the person within their environment, and all the systems that are involved with the person. In the M.S.W. program, you will learn how to actually do therapy and some of the common forms of therapy used. All students will have a clinical internship, so they will be doing therapy during this time. This M.S.W. program also focuses on trauma throughout the curriculum due to the high number of clients who have experienced trauma.

Why Choose the Social Work Masters Program at Ferris?

One of the most unique things about this program is the level of involvement you will have in the field through your internship. In your clinical internship you will be able to actually practice the therapy skills you are gaining in your other courses. Students have also stated that they love the small class size and that the focus on trauma has been extremely beneficial in their internship and employment.

What Are Graduates of This Program Doing Now?

The majority of the students who graduated from our first M.S.W. class last year have found employment in counseling positions!

More Information

Dr. Jessica Gladden
M.S.W. Program Coordinator
Office: ASC 2102
Phone: (231) 591-5882

Dr. Wendy Samuels
Department Chair and Program Director
Office: ASC-2108-B
Phone: (231) 591-5896

Social Work M.S.W. at Ferris State University

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