Century of Opportunity Logo with W.N. Ferris at his desk
Phase I: The Private School
Advertising His School
The Phrenology Headache
The Ideal School
The Second Ten Years
Pestalozzi, Krusi and W.N. Ferris
Railway Mail Service
An Academic Potpourri
Certified Teachers
Pestalozzi Goes to Kindergarten
Pharmacy Becomes a Keystone
Into the Twentieth Century
The Muses Were Not Forgotten
Positive Advertising
Opportunity Beckons
Programs Expand
The Ferris Cooperative Association
The Yearbook Debuts
Governor W.N.Ferris
Non-Educational Pursuits
The Copper Strike
The Spirit of the Times
Spirit of Education
Sorrow Strikes the Campus
The Institute Goes to War
Another Outgrowth of the War
A Little Self-Praise
Post-War Expansion
Bridegroom and Senator
Anecdotal Interlude
The Plan for Growth
Mr. Ferris Holds Onto the Reins
Ferris Dies; The Campus Mourns
The Masselink Months
Turmoil on Campus
The Austere Years Begin
Morning Exercises
The Birth of a City
The Making of an Educator
The Educator's Wife
A Private Decision
Planning Ahead
Into the Forest Primeval
The School Doors Open
Faith, Hope and Charity
Education Was Not Expensive
Growing Pains
The Muskegon Venture
Years of Indecision
A Foundation is Laid
The New Building
More Problems
Current Problems
Luxury Items
Student Acceptance
Mountains of Missives
The Friend of Students
Another Bank Fails
The First Catalog
Calamitous Year
Early Placement Records
A Report to Parents and Guardians
In Locus Parentis
The Start of a Legend
The Faculty Grows
Political Change
Ahead of His Time
What Shall Our Boys Do For a Living?
Taking Stock
First a School, Then a Bank
A Unique Sales Pitch