Extended and International Operations

Through the activities of Extended and International Operations  the impact and reach of Ferris extends beyond the main campus, an entrepreneurial view of business and curriculum development is cultivated, and support and direction is given to promote a global view for the entire Ferris community.

Ferris StatewideFerris Statewide
For those students that are rooted in their home communities too far from the main campus to commute, Ferris operates off-campus locations throughout the state, often partnering with the local community college. Currently totaling 19 sites, these locations deliver Ferris degree programs to students who would otherwise not have access to higher education.
Ferris OnlineFerris Online
Delivering online degrees, certificates, and courses that help students balance their personal and professional lives with their desire to learn.
Office of International Education | Ferris State UniversityOffice of International Education
The work of the Office of International Education is to provide support to international students, coordinate Education Abroad and exchange programs, the Intensive English Program, and sponsor programming that supports the University's goal of becoming a globally diverse and aware community.
Conference & Professional ServicesConference and Professional Services
The CPS team provides conference design and development consultation services that include planning, strategy, and implementation. To help ensure that programs succeed, they assist with marketing and promotion, financial management, contracts, registration, site selection, facilities arrangements, on-site services, and evaluations.
Community College Leadership Doctoral Program
The Ferris State University Doctorate in Community College Leadership empowers graduates to advance community colleges toward excellence and community responsiveness through exemplary leadership.

Entrepreneurship Institute 
Launched in September 2011, the Institute is building curriculum and programs that will cultivate a community of entrepreneurship within the student body. The Incubator, once operational, will provide support and a location for students as they build and test their entrepreneurial ideas.

Academic Incubator
The idea for convening the Academic Incubator is based on the notion that universities that are nimble, responsive, and support economic development will be the successful universities of the future These academically responsive universities will produce the graduates that will lead economic growth and create an expanded relevance to encourage even more to attain a higher education. Learn more by reading Dr. Fritz Erickson's White Paper on the idea.

Latino Business and Economic Development Center
Ferris State University continues to connect with the growing Latino population in our West Michigan communities and the Latino Business and Economic Development Center's mission is to seek support for initiatives to spur economic development in those communities. Learn more about the Center's director in University News.

EIO Administrative Operations
Supporting the activities of all branches of Extended and International Operations are staff that focus on human resources, marketing, promotion, and planning. It is our goal to be a transparent organization, and with that in mind we share our planning documents and welcome feedback and suggestions.