ID and Password Help

Are you new to Ferris, or have not set up your alternative email for password resets?

Note: If you have already shared with us your alternative email address in the password management tool, you may skip steps 1 and 2 and scroll to the bottom of the page. See "Already Set Up Your Alternative Email Address?"

For detailed, illustrated instructions look under the Step-by-Step Instructions heading for how to Setup Your Alternative Email Address and Reset Your Password.

For compatibility purposes please make sure you are using a browser other than Chrome.

  • Look up your Computing ID.

  • You must set up an alternative email address before you will be able to reset your password using the FSU Password Management Tool.

    Note: If you are a Student or Alumni you must put "@student.local" after your MyFSUID, if you are an Employee, Affiliate, Emeriti, or Retiree you need "@ferris.local."

    Students or Alumni: Log in as MyFSUID@student.local

    All Others: Log in as MyFSUID@ferris.local

    *You only need to use your MyFSU ID to log in to MyFSU - Do not include "@student.local" or "@ferris.local."

    Set up your Alternative Email Account.

  • To complete the set up process, Change your Password. You must have an alternative email set before you attempt to change your password.

    Note: Try to avoid using special characters and spaces when making your password because they may cause troubles with the Banner system.

Already Set Up Your Alternative Email Account?

If you have set up the alternative email account in the FSU Password Management Tool, you can use the following links:

Still need help? Contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) via the options at the left.