Enterprise & Application Services

Enterprise & Application Services (EAS) is a third level support group that has a wide variety of duties in support of the University's servers and systems.


  • Host the enterprise Windows and Linux-based servers (Dell and virtual)
  • Manage authentication services (Active Directory and Linux LDAP)
  • Support University Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases
  • Support enterprise applications (MyFSU, Banner, Blackboard, and the list goes on!)
  • Use reporting tools to create custom reports

We are proud to be a part of the foundation of Ferris State University to provide a great educational and working environment for our students, faculty, and staff.

There are four teams that make up EAS, each has its own functional specialties:

  • We:

    • Are responsible for working with customers to upgrade, enhance, and analyze FSU's enterprise and department applications
    • Are responsible for the support of Banner, MyFSU, WebFocus, Kronos and approximately 50 other applications
    • Are responsible for EAS project management
    • Are responsible for enterprise wide reporting
    • Are responsible for website application support
    • Are responsible for integration between applications
  • We:

    • Are responsible for the data center
    • Are responsible for Active Directory
    • Are responsible for the Storage Area Network
    • Are responsible for quoting out, adding, moving and decommissioning hardware
    • Are responsible for implementing and monitoring backups
    • Are responsible for implementing and monitoring the virtual environment
    • Are responsible for the support of enterprise email/calendaring
  • We:

    • Are responsible for the application support of Blackboard including all upgrades
    • Are responsible for all of the associated Building Blocks (add on modules to Blackboard) including all upgrades
    • Are responsible for Tegrity installation, support, and upgrades
    • Are responsible for the automation and manual creation of all course shells in Blackboard
    • Are responsible for working directly with both faculty, staff, and student customers related to Blackboard and its associated applications
    • Are responsible for managing the Blackboard website
  • We:

    • Are responsible for all in-house database installation, configuration, and administration
    • Are responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems
    • Assist in the installation and patching of vendor supported applications
    • Are responsible for repairing hardware
    • Are responsible for identifying data retention for backups
  • Name Number Title Office
    Bouvrette, Jacob (231) 591-5338 Senior Systems Administrator WES-121C
    Burdick, John (231) 591-3692 Applications Database Analyst WES-206
    Claerhout, Scott (231) 591-2404 Process Automation Specialist WES-205
    Cook, Jim (231) 591-3565 IT Projects Manager WES-213
    Costello, Steven (231) 591-5617 Mobile Application Specialist WES-215
    DePew, Mike (231) 591-2073 Senior IT Application Analyst WES-209
    Deur, Vicky (231) 591-2133 Applications Project Manager WES-203
    Frebes, Pat (231) 591-3108 Senior Application Database Analyst WES-201
    Hilliker, Jim (231) 591-2687 Systems Administrator WES-121E
    Holmes, Mary (231) 591-2067 Coordinator of Applications WES-214
    Johnston, Rob (231) 591-3687 Application Analyst MCO-140J
    Keusch, Kris (231) 591-2136 Senior IT Application Analyst WES-206
    Lewis, Lynn (231) 591-2148 Junior Systems Administrator WES-121D
    Morse, Kiefer (231) 591-3533 Systems Administrator WES-121A
    Rendel, Lori (231) 591-2142 Coordinator of Architecture WES-121B
    Silberkleit, Marc (231) 591-3881 Senior Systems Administrator WES-206
    Snow, Amber (231) 591-2818 IT Application Analyst WES-212
    Steffens, David (231) 591-2720 Database Administrator WES-210
    Waanders, Sean (231) 591-2146 Senior Systems Administrator WES-121A
    Wilk, Mark (231) 591-5348 Process Automation Specialist WES-205
    Williams, Ralph (231) 591-2149 Director of Enterprise & Application Services WES-217D

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If you have any questions about our services please contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) at 231-591-4822.