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Ferris IT Services - Active Directory Deforestation for Student Accounts 

Beginning the week of May 7th 2018, IT Services will be working with a 3rd party vendor to migrate all Ferris State University student Active Directory (AD) accounts from the student.local domain into the already existing ferris.local domain. The initial planning and preparation for this work has already begun and a plan is in place to perform this work during the week after graduation and before summer sessions begin to decrease the impact to the entire student body. Monday and Tuesday of the week mentioned above will be reserved for final preparations and Wednesday will be the day set for the actual work to take place. The remainder of the week will be used for clean-up and remaining work.

This project is taking place to allow for our major business applications and systems on campus to operate more effectively and efficiently by only needing to access a single domain of users. Having multiple domains causes extensive programming of applications of systems to allow for a multiple domain environment to function, sometimes causing these applications and system to not perform to their potential. Also, management of a single domain is much easier to maintain and secure from an IT perspective.

As part of the move of student accounts, they will not need to change or update their passwords and their registered third-party email in our password reset system will be maintained. Student employees at the University will be impacted more so than a non-student employee. New profiles will be created for student employees that use Ferris owned computing devices and this could cause some impact to their work and the systems and applications they use for their jobs. An FAQ page has been published that answers additional questions about this work. You can find this FAQ page here. If you have any questions, please contact TAC for further assistance. Thank you.

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