Study Abroad Programs

Ferris students in India for Spring Break 2011

Ferris students in India for Spring Break 2011

Short-Term Faculty Led Programs

Short-term programs usually range from two to four weeks, and you can earn three to six credits. It is a great stepping stone, introducing you to studying outside the United States. These programs are academic classes led by professors who conduct the international program. Learn how to start an application here

Summer 2018 Programs Listing

Country Faculty Course(s) Dates

China (Shanghai Printing and Publishing College)

Dr. David Marion

Professor Alex Cartwright

MGMT370 - Quality Operations Management

ECON222 - Principles of Microeconomics

Budget Sheet

May 15-June 15, 2018

China (Shandong University)

Dr. Liza Ing

Dr. Brady Flachs

EDCD308 - Teaching Special Needs in ECE

EDUC415/EDUC508 - Instruction of Exceptional Learners

May 15-June 15, 2018

Costa Rica


Professor Ana Davila-Howard

Dr. Eric Warner

SPAN333 - Contemporary Culture and Society of Latin America

SPAN343 - Hispanic Cinema

May 10-June 10, 2018

Cultural Capitals (France, Belgium, Netherlands)

Dr. John Gray

Dr. Rachel Foulk

PHIL350 - Special Topics in Philosophy

ARTH390 - Art History Study Abroad

Budget Sheet

May 10-27, 2018

El Salvador Professor Michael Berghoef SWCK380: International Social Work May 19- June 1, 2018



Dr. David Marquard

Dr. Derek Drake

ENGL321 - Advanced Composition

GERM331 - German Culture

July 2-20, 2018


Dr. Rita Walters

SCWK390 - International Engagement in Haiti

Budget Sheet

June 1-10, 2018



Professor John Caserta

Professor Jim Rumpf

Dr. Chris Westerkamp

LANG100 - Italian for Business and Travel

LITR241 - World Short Fiction

LITR243 - Literature and Film

MFGE390 - International Manufacturing Practices

BIOL280 - Applied Fermentation

Budget Sheet

May 5-18, 2018


Professor Tim Powers

DSGN390 - Design Thinking

May 13-June 22, 2018

Italy (Sant'anna Institute, Sorrento)

Professor Kathryn Wolfer

HSMG300 - Guest Service Management

HSMG405 - International Travel and Resorts

Budget Sheet

May 7-27, 2018

Japan (Aichi Shukutoku University)

Dr. Donna Smith

Dr. Cami Sanderson

COMM365 - Intercultural Communication

COMM332- Persuasive Speaking

Budget Sheet

May 15- June 15, 2018

Malaysia  (Taylor's University)

Professor Kim McVicar

Dr. Jacquelin Peacock

Professor Toni Windquist

HSCA225 - International Health Care

COHP350 -  Statistics in Health Care

MIRS103 - Medical Terminology

May 15- June 15, 2018

Martinique Dr. Dan Noren

FREN331 - French Culture

FREN280  - Francophone Literature in Translation

May 3-13, 2018


Dr. Victor Piercey

Dr. Tracy Busch

COAS390 - Case Studies in Interdisciplinary Problem Solving: The Transition from Communism to Capitalism in Russia

HIST373 - 20th Century Russia

May 17-June 7, 2018


Professor John Caserta

Professor Lilia Caserta

LANG100 - Russian for Business and Travel

LITR241 - World Short Fiction

LITR243 Film and Literature

Budget Sheet

May 17-30, 2018


Professor John Caserta

Dr. Chris Westerkamp

LITR241 - World Short Fiction

LITR243 - Literature and Film

BIOL280 - Applied Fermentation

Budget Sheet

July 21- August 3, 2018