Helpful Links for Study Abroad

Resources for Airfare

STA Travel (America's leading student travel organization)
Student Universe Travel (Airfare for students)
Cheap Tickets
Last Minute Travel

Resources for General Travel and Transportation

Rail Europe
Lonely Planet
STA Travel
Hostel World
Rough Guides
Global Study Magazine
International Student and Teacher Identity Card

International News Sources

New York Times International News
CNN World News
World News
BBC News

Budget Planning Resources

Study Abroad Office
Ferris Financial Aid Office
VISA (Worldwide ATM locator)
Mastercard - (Worldwide ATM locator)

Facts About Your Host Country

Travlang (Communication in your host country)
Roadnews (Information about traveling with your computer)
Voltage Valet (Information on electricity, convertors and adapters)
Map Machine
International Weather
Cybercaptive (Locate internet cafes)
Events Worldwide (Search for information on your host city)

General Sites

Center for Disease Control
Students Abroad (website by the United States Department of State)