Golftec Support for New Ken Janke Sr. Golf Learning Center

As GolfTEC celebrates its 20th year in business, they take a moment to reflect on the past two decades, but also look to the next 20 years and ways to continue to achieve its company mission of helping people play better golf. One of the ways they’re achieving that mission is an investment in the people who are on the front lines of golf instruction—the PGA Professionals. That’s why GolfTEC is thrilled to announce its pledge to donate $50,000 to Ferris State University—an institution well known for its Professional Golf Management program. Ferris State will use the donation to help create and build a world-class learning center for aspiring golf professionals.

“Twenty years ago factual information about golf performance was rare,” said Jeremy Beck, GolfTEC’s Senior Vice President of Operations and graduate of Ferris State University. In 1999 Beck graduated from Ferris State and immediately took a position with GolfTEC, a relatively new company that sought to revolutionize golf instruction. “At the time I graduated, the use of video to measure and track progress was new and controversial, motion measurement was nearly unheard of, and accurate launch monitors didn’t exist. New facilities like the one at Ferris State University will continue to use leading edge technology to help advance golf instruction for the Golf Professional, which will ultimately lead to more people enjoying this challenging game.”

With nearly 200 Improvement Centers and 600 skilled professionals across 4 countries, GolfTEC is the number one employer of Teaching Professionals in the world and employs over 50 Ferris State graduates alone. The Ferris State Ken Janke Sr. Golf learning center, combined with their faculty, will be the perfect environment for future Teaching Professionals to establish core skills that are central to a successful career.  

Many of GolfTEC’s 50 Ferris State alumni will be pledging their own individual donations to the university, and GolfTEC Enterprises promises to match the aggregate total of those individual pledges. 

“Technology, facilities and approaches will continue to evolve, but the Golf Professional will always be central to the process,” said Joe Assell, CEO and Co-founder of GolfTEC. “That’s why we’re so excited about the world-class learning center at Ferris State University. The golf professional is an ambassador for this game and his/her teaching skills are paramount to the future of golf and GolfTEC.”

About Jeremy Beck

A graduate of the Ferris State University Professional Golf Management program, Jeremy began his career with GolfTEC in January of 2000 as a Certified Personal Coach. In 2001 Jeremy was honored with an outstanding achievement award for leading the company in lessons taught. In 2002 he became the Director of Instruction in Naperville, IL, where he quickly grew the center and in 2004 won GolfTEC's Manager of the Year award for the highest performing learning center.

In 2005 he made the move to GolfTEC Headquarters as VP of Operations to manage and develop GolfTEC’s corporately owned locations. Recently Jeremy expanded his role to Sr. VP of Operations and, along with his team, oversees the Training and Teaching Quality department of GolfTEC, Facilities Management and the Regional Managers who operate GolfTEC’s 82 corporately owned improvement centers.

About GolfTEC

The world leader in golf lessons has a 96 percent success rate among its students. The more than 600 GolfTEC Certified Personal Coaches at nearly 200 centers worldwide, including nearly 80 within Golfsmith stores, have given over 5 million lessons since 1995. All lessons are based on the company’s “Five Factors: Fact-Based Diagnosis, Sequential Lessons, Video-Based Practice, Advanced Retention Tools, and TECfit club fitting." GolfTEC Improvement Centers can be found in almost all major U.S. cities, Canada, Japan and Korea.