Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment at the Writing Center is easy. Simply call our receptionist at (231) 591-2534 or visit us at 1017 Arts and Sciences Commons.

We also offer walk-in tutoring. Come in during walk-in hours (11-12, M-Th) and you will be assigned the first available tutor.

On-Site Appointment Policies

  • Although tutoring at the Writing Center is usually not required for specific classes, we will notify your instructor of your appointment.
  • Standard appointment time is 30 minutes. One-hour appointments can also be arranged.
  • If you are ten minutes late for an appointment, you will be considered a no-show.  If you no-show for two appointments, you will no longer be able to schedule another appointment during the semester. However, you may still come in during our walk-in hour (11-12, M-Th).
  • Walk-in tutoring is performed on a first-come, first-served basis. Walk-in sessions are 30 minutes.
  • Standing appointments are also available. Many students prefer the standing appointment because it allows them to meet with the same tutor at the same time each week. If you miss your standing appointment without calling to cancel, or if you cancel two weeks in a row, you will lose that appointment slot.
  • Our printers and computers are not for student use; your paper will need to be printed out before your appointment. We can also critique your paper from your laptop.