win bulldog bucks

Hey returning students…

+1 entry 18-19 housing contract
+1 entry 18-19 meal plan

We are giving $100 Bulldog Bucks every week until the end of the semester (May 2018). Your entry(s) will remain until the end, unless you win.

Enter early to boost your chances to win. It’s not too late to claim your space for 2018-19, get the stay on incentive, and a parking pass for returning students. Sign your housing contract and chose a meal plan in MyHousing through MyFSU.

For returning students only. Qualifying meal plans include Anytime Plans or Express 125. Only one prize per person. Entries are cumulative. Winners are chosen and notified each week through May 4, 2018. Bulldog bucks are awarded in the fall 2018 semester. Prize is forfeited upon contract cancellation or removal of meal plan.


Living On Campus

Contracts & Rates

Anytime Meal Plans

Express Meal Plans & Bulldog Bucks

Current & Returning Residents: Contracting for current residents opens in November or December for the next academic year. Sign your housing contract or select a meal plan during Early Contracting to secure your space.

New Residents & Freshman: Contracting for both new residents and Freshmen opens in January or February for the next academic year.

Important Dates