In 2003, the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA began a major, multi-year research project to examine the spiritual development of undergraduate students during their college years. The findings reported that spirituality plays a significant role in many college students' lives. 4 out of 5 freshman reported having attended religious services within the past year, and more than 75 percent report they believe in God. 2 out of 3 say their religious/spiritual beliefs "provide me with strength, support, and guidance." 4 out of 10 consider it "essential" or "very important" to "follow religious teachings in my everyday life." Over two thirds of students report they pray and 61 percent pray at least weekly. There are many organizations on this campus and within the community with a primary aim to assist you with some of your spiritual needs and development. There are presently approximately 15 faith based student organizations on campus which you can explore on the following link.

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