Mild to moderate anxiety and stress are often common problems experienced by college students on a daily basis. However if the stress becomes severe and increases in frequency this problem can become overwhelming. If anxiety is severe and frequent, it might include feelings of helplessness, confusion, and extreme worry that are out of proportion with the actual seriousness or likelihood of the feared event or situation. This extreme anxiety which interferes with daily life is not normal. Anxiety can cause physical as well as emotional problems. Physical symptoms of anxiety include shaking, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, excessive sweating, feeling "jumpy," muscle tension, and insomnia. The emotional symptoms can include irritability, restlessness, excessive worry, feeling doomed, and inability to concentrate. The treatment of anxiety often involves individual or group counseling and in some cases the use of an anti-anxiety medication. The use of such a medication is usually reserved for the more severe cases of anxiety problems and disorders.