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Information Security and Intelligence
Bachelor of Science
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Greg Gogolin
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Ferris' Information Security and Intelligence (ISI) program is at the forefront in its response to the need for skilled workers in Information Security/Data Analysis/Digital Forensics. The Information Security and Intelligence (ISI) program was developed with input from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon, and investigative agencies — and provides hands-on utilization of state of the art technology. This program, including its emphasis on visual analysis, data mining, and geographic information systems, is uniquely positioned to prepare you to address the cybersecurity issues facing organizations and/or the nation.

The Information Security and Intelligence degree will prepare you for a variety of career possibilities in fields that allow you to see your contribution in action. Computer forensics, fraud investigation, information security, intelligence, terrorism, and crime analysis are a few of the possibilities. Opportunities exist in government, business, security, intelligence, healthcare, insurance, education, and several other fields.

The Information Security & Intelligence program is accredited by the National Security Agency as a Center of Excellence in all Information Assurance subject areas, one of only six programs in the country to achieve this standard. Additionally, the program holds the National Center for Digital Forensic Academic Excellence designation from the Department of Defense Cyber Command Center (DC3) and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

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Memo pinThis program is available through a combination of community college courses, Ferris State University courses delivered at a nearby location(s), and/or online coursework. When applying, select the location of your local community college.