Business Administration - Aviation at Traverse City

Business Administration - Aviation
Bachelor of Science
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Be prepared to make your contribution—and earn your share—in the demanding world of business. This degree completion program gives you the flexibility to tailor your degree to fit your specific career goals, including an international business option. This two-year program builds on your associate degree and prepares you to advance into such positions as business manager, sales representative, or production supervisor in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, retailing, construction, financial institutions, and government.

Aviation Concentration: To meet your needs in the Northwestern Michigan College Flight Technology Program, Ferris and NMC partner to offer a program that prepares you to become highly qualified pilots who are also skilled in the business world. In the first two years of study, you should expect to earn your commercial pilot certificate with single-engine and multi-engine ratings, instrument rating, flight instructor certificate, and 210 total flight hours. In your third and fourth years of study, you will complete the business courses that will prepare you to not only fly, but to lead. Northwestern Michigan College Aviation Program.