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The galleries at Kendall, Ferris, and UICA are proud to announce the addition of UICA as a hosting venue to the rotation of the annual faculty exhibition.

Details about artist talks, receptions and connected events will be available as we get closer to the exhibit dates.

FSU Fine Art Gallery
Exhibition Schedule 2018-2019

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October 23rd – December 15th, 2018
Reception:October 25th 5-7pm
Tatsuki Hakoyama
The Space Between

The Space Between is a series of oil paintings that reflect on the search for balance between oppositions, with an emphasis on the contradicting nature of traditional and contemporary lifestyles. Especially with globalization that allows for cross-cultural interactions, my goal is to search for the ideal balance of the different cultures that contribute to the ‘third-space’ as discussed by Homi Bhabha.

the space between

January 14th – February 23rd, 2019
Reception: February 15th 5-7pm
Debby Kaspari
Perched on a Page

Armed with binoculars and pencils, Debby Kaspari has chased antbirds in Panama, lapwings in Denmark, fairy wrens in Australia, and toucanets in Peru. Perched on a Page portrays the daily life of birds, captured by the artist in faraway—and not-so-faraway—corners of the world.

Kaspari is a Signature Member of Society of Animal Artists (SAA). Her paintings have been exhibited in the Woodson Museum’s Birds in Art, SAA’s Art and the Animal, and the Bennington Center’s Art of the Animal Kingdom, among other venues. As an Eckelberry Fellow she sketched birds in the Peruvian Amazon for Drawing the Motmot, a solo exhibit at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. As Harvard Forest’s first Artist-in-Residence she explored themes of land use history and ecological legacies over eight months of drawing and painting in New England woods. This year she joined Artists for Nature Foundation on a painting trip to Israel and Jordan, raising awareness of the Dead Sea’s ecological plight.


perched on a page

March 1st – April 6th, 2019
Reception: March 7th 5-7pm
Shelley Newman Stephens
An Army of Women

This ongoing series of work titled An Army of Women portrays women of all ages as the strong, intelligent and courageous beings they are.  Such women are often overlooked and underestimated within our culture's political structure, business and organizational leadership, and decision-making roles.  These paintings are meant to call out the visibility and the enormous value of capable women everywhere who possess the qualities of intelligence, wisdom, skill, knowledge and experience which translate to a true and lasting female beauty.  Watch this army grow...     

an army of women
April 11th – May 11th, 2019
Reception: April 11th 5-7pm
Steve Barber
Steve Barber artist

Museum & Gallery Director
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