Find an Advisor

We have advisors ready to help you become a Ferris bulldog!  Before you have been admitted, they are able to help you understand more about your degree of interest, the types of jobs that you would be prepared for, and how your prior credits might transfer to Ferris.  Once you are on your path to a Ferris degree they will help you plan your courses and stay on track.

Working with an advisor will help you reduce time and money in your degree by making sure you are taking the right classes.

To find an advisor for your online program of interest, simply go to your desired program's information page where your advisor's name and contact information is listed.  You may either call or email the advisor directly, or schedule a phone appointment in our online scheduling system.

How to schedule an appointment:
Find an appointment time that fits your calendar and use our online scheduling system.  As always, if you have other questions, please give us at call or email us at