The purpose of the Woodbridge Promise College Prep Program is to allow eligible students to:

  • Establish credit and proficiency in mathematics, reading and English beyond the developmental level before starting postsecondary work.
  • Enhance their admissions credentials so that they may qualify for admission to a postsecondary institution of their choice.
  • Enhance their knowledge of core subjects to improve their ACT scores for postsecondary admission and financial aid.
  • Complete college credits during high school to enhance their prospects for secondary completion and shorten the time to degree completion and reduce student debt.
  • Achieve college-ready awareness by the time they graduate from high school.

The High School Instructor and Administrator Resources page contains general information about concurrent enrollment, the program handbook, form downloads, MyFSU information for instructors, and links to training resources.

Visit the High School Instructor and Administrator Resources page to view all available resources.