Grand Rapids (GRX) P3 Site Class Cancellation Policy

If Ferris State University Grand Rapids (FSU-GR) is closed or delayed for weather related events, then GRX courses are canceled or delayed, respectively.  Details regarding closings or delays will be sent via text message (and emails) through FSU’s emergency alert system.  Announcements will also be made on local radio, TV, and the Internet regarding FSU-GR closings.

FSU Big Rapids closings or delays are separate and do not pertain to the GRX site.

This cancellation policy does not pertain to P4 students. P-4 APPE students should check with preceptors regarding specific site cancellation policies.

How to find out about Class Cancellations

Ferris State University's Weather/Emergency alert system allows the University community to quickly receive emergency notifications and important announcements via text messages. This alert system includes weather-related class cancellations at the GRX site.

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