Pharmacy Peer Mentor Program (PPMP)

    • Provide P1 students with P2 students who model professionalism
    • Share COP and FSU resources with mentees 
    • Increase the sense of belonging to the COP by encouraging participation in co-curricular activities
    • Foster collegiality among the student body
    • Give P2 mentors the opportunity to develop leadership skills
    • Current P2 student in good academic standing
    • Represent the values and mission of the COP
    • Provide consistent and accurate information to mentees that aligns with FSU and COP standards, policies, and procedures
    • Maintain on-going, dependable contact with mentee (via text, e-mail, in-person, social media, etc.) 
    • Keep mentee informed of opportunities and best practices for being successful in the school of pharmacy
    • Meet face-to-face with mentee at least twice a semester (additional contact is encouraged)
    • Attend PPMP-sponsored events
    • Attend mentor orientation program in fall semester
    • Provide feedback about the PPMP
    • Use your P2 Mentor as a resource by taking advantage of their experience in the PharmD program
    • Be a proactive participant in the mentor-mentee relationship
    • Maintain on-going, dependable contact with mentor (via text, e-mail, in-person, social media, etc.)
    • Meet face-to-face with mentee at least twice a semester (additional contact is encouraged)
    • Attend PPMP-sponsored events
    • Provide feedback about the PPMP

PPMP P2 Advisory Board

The purpose of the P2 PPMP Advisory Board is to help guide the program to serve P1 students as they transition from pre-pharmacy to the PharmD program. All mentors are welcome to apply. If interested in applying to the PPMP Advisory Board, please contact Dr. Margaret Lyons.


Questions? Please contact Dr. Margaret Lyons.