Outside Scholarships

Scholarship Checks received WITH STIPULATIONS

If an outside scholarship check is received and there is a notification with the check which indicates that the student is to receive the scholarship unless he/she does not complete the semester or he/she must receive a certain grade, we will NOT ACCEPT THIS SCHOLARSHIP CHECK. The check will be returned to the donor with a letter explaining that we do not accept scholarship checks with these specific stipulations.

Scholarship Checks received WITHOUT STIPULATIONS

If an outside scholarship check is received without the above stipulation, the check will be credited to the outside scholarship account and reported to the Financial Aid Office for processing and applied to the student's account. The scholarship is divided between Fall and Spring Semester unless there is documentation that states it can be used for one semester.


If the student withdraws from the school during the refund period, funds will be repaid in the order specified by Federal Regulation (e.g., Federal Funds first, then State Funds and then other funds). If the student withdraws from school after the refund period, there will be no refund to the donor of the scholarship. Click here for specifics on WITHDRAWAL PERIODS AND REFUND PERCENTAGES.

If you have any questions regarding the outside scholarships, contact the Loan Disbursement Office at (231) 591-3972.