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All students must have previously demonstrated they have the skills to navigate and use the online platform -- FerrisConnect -- prior to starting a fully online course.  This means you must able to work within the FerrisConnect system with some ease, so that you can concentrate on learning the course content and not struggle with the technology.  To assist you with learning FerrisConnect, we have created an online tutorial.  The tutorial includes some policies you need to understand, and how to:

  • get to your course and where to start;
  • find your way around the course;
  • post discussion board threads...used in most online courses;
  • upload your assignments;
  • look up your grades for assignments in that course;
  • email your instructor or classmates.


After completing this self-paced tutorial, you will take a quiz to demonstrate your understanding of the content.   You must get at least 7 out of 10 questions correct on the quiz to be considered as completed.  Please give our staff one to two business days to review your information and enter your completion status so that you can register for online classes.

The online readiness orientation tutorial takes less than two hours to complete, but will give you the skills you need to be successful!!

Want to check that we have recorded your orientation completion?
Go to the "Academics & Services" tab in MyFSU, and click on "Test Scores."  If you see a test score for test 'ORO" of '2' it means we have recorded your successful tutorial quiz completion!

Access the online readiness orientation tutorial here.

Have you already taken several fully online classes from Ferris and been successful? If you believe you have the skills needed for an online class, and do not require any help in learning how to navigate through the courses, then you can submit a waiver form. We will verify your prior coursework and grades, and then allow you to register for online classes without completing the short tutorial. Please note that by submitting the waiver form you are indicating you know how to use FerrisConnect, and need no additional information to navigate through your online courses.

*From The Online Learner: Characteristics and Pedagogical Implications by Nada Dabbagh from George Mason University.




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