Commuter/Off-Campus Plans

Express Meal Plans and Bulldog Bucks

Express Meal Plans and Bulldog Bucks, designed to accommodate the needs of students living off campus, living in campus apartments, or commuting, can be purchased in bulk at discounted rates to help you affordably eat on campus. There are several flexible ways to create a plan that is perfect for you! Check out our prices in our plan charts below.

Express Meal Plans

Features 25 Meals 50 Meals 75 Meals 125 Meals
Total Cost $202 $375 $521 $961
Per Meal Cost $8.08 $7.50 $6.94 $6.69
Bulldog Bucks X X X $125

Bulldog Bucks

10% Savings!
now with year-to-year rollover!

Features $150
Bulldog Bucks
Bulldog Bucks
Bulldog Bucks
Total Cost $135 $225 $360
Savings $15 $25 $40


Express Meal Plans

Express Meal Plans can be purchased in blocks of 25, 50, 75, and 125 meals. The more you purchase, the less you pay per meal. This account is most popular for those who choose to dine in our residential restaurants (The Rock Café and The Quad Café).

Combination Plan

The Combination Plan includes a combined selection of 25, 50, 75, or 125 meals from the Express Meal Plans and a minimum cash deposit of $50 of Bulldog Bucks. This option provides the greatest flexibility in your choice of dining venues.

Click this link to Purchase Bulldog Bucks or Express Meals.
 **Note: All prices will be effective at the beginning of the academic school year