Financial Aid:
Grants, Scholarships, Aid, and Loans

To receive any type of financial aid, you must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. (Ferris Title IV code 002260) Your financial aid will not be packaged until you are admitted into a degree granting program at Ferris.

Undergraduate Degree Programs
The first thing you need to do is to file your FAFSA online at Make sure to use the correct federal school code for Ferris so that we get your information. (Code is 002260.)

Next, you need to fill out the community college consortium form after you are registered into Ferris and/or community college classes. You must fill out a new form for each semester that you are enrolled.

Please log into MyFSU, select the Academics and Services tab, select Online Consortium Form (located in the Financial Aid Forms and Links channel), complete the form, and submit electronically.

Eligibility for financial aid begins with acceptance into a consortium program. Undeclared status does not allow you to be eligible to receive financial aid. To receive financial aid, undergraduate students need to carry at least six credits each semester.

Graduate Degree Programs
File your FAFSA online at; make sure to use the correct federal school code for Ferris so that we get your information (code is 002260). Students must be accepted into a program and have completed a FAFSA application. To receive financial aid, graduate students need to carry at least five graduate credits each semester.

Accessing Financial Aid Funds
Once we have all of your paperwork processed, we will apply your aid to any Ferris charges first, and then issue a refund check for the remainder of your aid. It is your responsibility to pay the community college course tuition.

You will need to pay for your books up front with a credit card or check because a refund, if any, will not be issued until after the 100% refund date. Students now have the option of getting their refund check via direct deposit through a bank of their choice. To set this up, go to the Academics & Services tab within MyFSU.


Consortium Agreements
Forms to Review & Complete
Processes that Put Aid on Hold
Financial Aid Notices
Accepting Financial Aid
Financial Aid Refunds

Wondering if you need to do anything else in order to receive your financial aid? Check the Student Requirements link on MyFSU.

Still Have Questions? A Financial Aid Officer is available to answer your questions. Call your local office to set up an appointment.


Approximately 30% of all students who complete a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are selected by the federal processor for a process called VERIFICATION. In addition to the files selected by the federal processor, the Financial Aid Office may select a student’s file for the verification process in order to clear up discrepant information. For information on the verification process click here.