The Process


Part 1:  Strategic Thinking - "Living Our Values" document - completed Spring 2014

Part 2:  Implementation (2014 Divisional Initiatives) - divisions currently working with consultant, Dr. Peter Dams, on Divisional Strategic Plans.

Part 3:  Tracking / Measurement - a committee is currently working on a common list of measures for the Strategic Plan.


Who is the Strategic Plan for?

The Strategic Plan is for the entire Ferris State University community.  We want our students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends to influence the direction of our future while helping us to remain true to our mission, core values, vision and traditions.  We want a plan that is simple, focused around our core values, and something to which all members of our Ferris community can contribute.

How has information been gathered for the University Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Planning Committee gathered information to guide this plan in two major ways.  First, we spent several months conducting listening sessions with groups internal and external to Ferris, exploring our Core Values and future opportunities. Second, existing data and reports influenced our strategic thinking, including those listed below: