General Education at Ferris State University
Ferris State University is dedicated to the ideal of blending career-oriented professional and technical education with a solid base of general education. Our general education program provides students with the academic skills, analytic ability, and general knowledge necessary to flexibly meet the challenges of their personal, civic, and professional lives.

General education at Ferris accomplishes the following:

  1. It enhances and enriches the skills essential to students' success in every field and most areas of their lives.
  2. It provides students with the knowledge that will allow them to adapt to change, advance in their careers, and act as informed citizens.
  3. It assists students in gaining a better understanding of themselves. It also widens the horizons of their experience by offering them a better understanding and appreciation of some of the best of human achievement.


***Responsibility for meeting all general education requirements rests with the student. Your faculty advisor is available to assist you.