Education Abroad at Ferris State UniversityEducation Abroad & Exchange Programs

Education abroad is an enriching, life-changing experience both personally and academically – the lessons you will learn cannot be duplicated on any campus in the United States.

When you study abroad you can:

  • Take classes in other countries or the United States
  • Earn academic credit at Ferris State University
  • Apply most forms of financial aid to program expenses
  • Study a variety of subjects in English
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Explore, discover, and broaden your cultural horizons!!

"Study abroad sets you apart from the traditional college student, Which makes you unique and stand out among your graduating class. It shows you adapt to changes, welcome new challenges, and widening your opportunities in life."

Carlvin Dorvilier, Education Abroad Summer 2011, Dankook University, South Korea