Family & Friends Newsletter

Issue 1  - April 2017

Congratulations on your student's admittance and welcome to the Bulldog family!

We are pleased to introduce you to the first issue of our Ferris State University Family & Friends Newsletter. This newsletter is designed to provide you with current information about what's going on at Ferris State; timely information to help you prepare your student to navigate the college process; and tips to help you encourage your student to:

  • actively engage in their learning and development
  • get involved outside the classroom
  • trust their gut and be safe and responsible

College is the best time and opportunity to design one's future. Years of experience and research tell us that learning on a college campus happens not only in classrooms, laboratories and studios, but also in the practical experiences gained from getting involved in a club, organization, athletic team, work study job, etc. Involvement is the one of the biggest indicators that a student will succeed in college and graduate! 

Announcing Friends & Family Weekend!

We are busy planning our second annual Family & Friends Weekend for October 20-22. 

The weekend will offer a-la-carte options to allow you to create the perfect visit experience. If you will need hotel accommodations for that weekend, you are encouraged to make reservations now.

Details for Family & Friends Weekend will be released in early June. 


A reminder that every new Freshman & Transfer student is required to sign up for Orientation. At Orientation your student will meet other students that are going into their program, confirm electronic MyFSU access, finalize choices for housing and dining services, meet with their college advisors to review graduation requirements, and register for Fall semester classes. Parents will learn critical information about billing and financial aid. It is recommended that parents attend Orientation with their students, if possible. Encourage your student to sign up for Orientation today!  


Ferris State University communicates regularly with newly admitted students shortly after they are admitted via our University communication portal - MyFSU. Students may access MyFSU once they receive their admittance letter. Students may click this link -  MyFSU - to access instructions for logging into MyFSU.   

Please encourage your student to check his/her Ferris email account on a regular basis to stay informed and up to date!

Student ID Numbers

When you or your student call the University, you will be asked for your student’s Ferris ID number. This eight digit number can be found on your student’s letter of admission. If you do not have your student’s ID number when you call, we will ask you a series of questions to confirm your student’s identity before we can address the reason for your call. Be sure to stop by the Parents table at Orientation to pick up an emergency phone number card that has a space for you to write in your student’s ID number. This card is the perfect size to carry with your credit cards and driver’s license, so it is conveniently accessible when you call.

Campus Safety 

Creating and maintaining a safe environment on campus is a priority that all faculty and staff at Ferris State University are committed to. The University takes great pride in the safe learning and living environment that we have created. Bruce Borkovich, our Ferris State University Director of Public Safety, will provide student safety tips in each Family & Friends Newsletter. You are encouraged to discuss the importance of developing good safety habits with your students. 

  • The Ferris State police and student workers are on campus to keep you safe. Get to know your officers and communicate any concerns that you have.
  • If you are going out or to class at night, and you are going to be alone, tell a friend what your plans are, and when you plan on being back home. Check in with your friend(s) to let them know that you are OK.
  •  Be thoughtful about what you put on your social media platform! Set your privacy settings to only those friends and family who need to have your information.  

Missing Financial Aid Requirements

As we near Orientation, we encourage students to check for any missing financial aid requirements to make the Orientation process go smoother. For instance, if your student has accepted federal student loan offers, he or she will need to complete electronic loan processes.

Verification Process

Approximately 20% of students who file a FAFSA will be selected for an audit process called “verification”. If your student was selected for verification, you and your student will be required to submit additional documentation before his or her financial aid will be awarded. If your student was selected for verification, we will send requests for additional information to your student via mail and Ferris email. There will also be missing requirements listed in MyFSU. Your student may visit to view any missing documents.

Accepting Financial Aid Awards

Many students (and parents) are hesitant to accept financial aid awards - particularly student loans, until they have an actual bill from the University and know the exact amount of the student's charges and out of pocket expense. Bills for the Fall semester will not be generated until late July - after all of the Orientation sessions have been completed. The first bill will be due on August 10, 2017. 

Because of the potential time crunch, we encourage student's to accept their financial aid awards immediately. If a student later determines that they do not need a student loan that he or she initially accepted, the Financial Aid office will be more than happy to cancel or reduce that loan upon email request to

If you have any questions about financial aid, you are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid office. You may reach financial aid staff via phone - Monday through Friday from  8 am to 5 pm, email -, or in person. Financial Aid Advisors are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm - no appointment necessary. 

Connect with Us!

In addition to the Family & Friends Newsletter, there are a number of ways for parents to stay connected with Ferris and be updated on what’s happening on campus:

Official Ferris State University Facebook Page – Brief news releases about major events, speakers and other activities taking place on campus.

Financial Aid office Facebook PageStay informed and up to date with financial aid information.

Twitter – Check out what is happening at Ferris in 140 characters or less! – Do you have questions? Email us for a prompt personalized response.

Look for the next issue of the FSU Family & Friends Newsletter on the first Monday of each month!