Primary Care/Contact Lens/Peds

Kresge Eye Institute

Site 1:
        Kresge Eye Institute
        Wellness Eye Care Center
        4717 St. Antoine
        Detroit, MI 48201
        Phone: 313-745-4255 (Dr. Elizabeth Yates)
                      313-993-9627 (The Well Eye Care Center)
        Fax: 313-577-5099
Site 2:
        Sinai Grace Hospital
        6071 W. Outer Drive
        Detroit, MI 48235

Type of Practice: Eye Institute


The Kresge Eye Insititute has a three-fold mission to provide the most advanced medical and surgical eyecare; to offer the finest medical education and surgical training for physicians specializing in ophthalmology; and to conduct innovative research to increase knowledge of the eye and the mechanism of vision, improve methods of diagnosing and treating vision disorders, and eliminate eye disease and blindness.

Number of MCO students per rotation: 1

Orientation Instructions:
You should contact Dr. Yates 6 weeks prior to the first day of your rotation to verify dates, times, directions, parking, and any other instructions.  Report to address above at 8:00 a.m. on the first day of the rotation for orientation to policies, clinical protocol, administrative procedures, etc.  Completion of Hepatitis B series is required (unless waiver is signed) and annual TB testing must be completed. BE CERTAIN TO TAKE YOUR CURRENT CPR CRD, TB TEST RESTULTS CARD, AND HEP B (OR WAIVER FORM) TO EACH OF YOUR ROTATION SITES.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (231) 591-2202 (Elizabeth Spedoske, Assistant Dean’s Office) or (231) 591-3845 (Dr. Dave Durkee, Director of Externships).

    Contact Person: 
Elizabeth Yates, O.D.          E-Mail: 

    Clinical Teaching Faculty: 
Elizabeth Yates, O.D.
  Support Staff: 3 Opticians, Optometric Technicians/Assistants

  Operating Hours: 
M & W, 8:00am-6:00pm
            T, R and F 7:30-5:30pm
           Abbreviated lunches
    Hours of direct patient care for extern per day: 7.5 (35-40 per week)
    Number of patients seen by extern per day: 8-12

Educational Objectives:

-- To train along side of Ophthalmology residents.
-- To gain experience in low vision clinic evaluating the best possible devices which will allow the patient to perform daily living skills in a normal matter.
-- To gain experience in cosmetic and therapeutic contact lens fitting to include RGP, Keratoconus, and post refractive surgery.

Scope of the Externship:

Chart of Patient Examinations


* Average Number of Patient Examinations 
Rotation 1 = 317
Rotation 2 = 390

Rotation 3 = 357

* Average Number of Patient Examinations 
Rotation 1 = 866
Rotation 2 = 371

Rotation 3 = 336


* Average Number of Patient Examinations 
Rotation 1 = 250

Rotation 3 = 371


* Average Number of Patient Examinations 
Rotation 1 = 235

* Average Number of Patient Examinations 
Rotation 1 = 443

Rotation 2 = 395
Rotation 3 = 283

PC - Primary Care, CL - Contact Lens, VT - VT Evaluation, LV - LV Evaluation, PD - Pediatric, OD - Ocular Disease, F/U - F/U to monitor Tx plan, PRE - Pre-op, POST - Post-op, SC - Screening/ total numbers, SU - Surgeries observed







Geriatric Medicine

Rehabilitative Medicine

General Practice Medicine

Internal Medicine




Dispensing Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy



Quadrazone Trial Contact Lenses

Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

Scleral Trial Contact Lenses

Cornea Scleral Trial Contact Lenses

Saff Keratoconus Trial Contact Lenses

BIO with condensing lens

Fundus Contact Lenses

Fundus Non-contact lenses

Gonioscopy Lenses


Videos: Dr. McCutcheon (2 min 40 secs) Tour (17 secs)