Primary Care/Health/LV


Site 1:
        Optometry Clinic (112B)
        2121 Lake Avenue
        Fort Wayne, IN 46805
        Phone: 260-460-1442
        Fax: 260-421-1823 

Type of Practice: Veterans Administration Hospital and Outpatient Clinic


Number of MCO students per rotation: 1

Orientation Instructions:
Contact Dr. Traci Seng or Dr. Sara Schamerloh 6 weeks prior to the first day of the rotation to verify dates, times, directions, parking and any other instructions.  Report to the address above at 8:00 a.m. the first day of the rotation for orientation to clinic policies and protocol, administrative procedures, etc.  You should bring your clinic jacket, condensing lenses, retinoscope, transilluminator, ophthalmoscope and binocular indirect ophthalmoscope.  Completion of the hepatitis B series is required (unless waiver is signed) and annual TB testing must be completed.  BE CERTAIN TO TAKE YOUR CURRENT CPR CRD, TB TEST RESTULTS CARD, AND HEP B (OR WAIVER FORM) TO EACH OF YOUR ROTATION SITES. You will also be required to provide a photo drivers license or passport and social security card or original/certified copy of birth certificate.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (231) 591-2202 (Elizabeth Spedoske, Assistant Dean’s Office) or (231) 591-3845 (Dr. David Durkee, Director of Externships).

    Contact Person: 
          Traci Seng, OD
  Sara Schamerloh, O.D.

  Clinical Teaching Faculty:   Traci Seng, O.D.
  Other Clinical Mentors: 
Wendy Moyle, O.D. 
Sara Schamerloh, O.D. 
Aaron Case, O.D. 
Brian Dornbos,  O.D.

  Primary Care/Ocular Disease Resident (2)
    Support Staff: 5 Ophthalmic Technicians/2 Scheduling Clerk, Optical with 2 opticians

    Operating Hours: M-F, 7:30am-4:00pm
    Hours of direct patient care for extern per day: 8 (40 per week)
    Number of patients seen by extern per day: 6-9

Educational Objectives:

Scope of the Externship:

Chart of Patient Examinations




PC - Primary Care, CL - Contact Lens, VT - VT Evaluation, LV - LV Evaluation, PD - Pediatric, OD - Ocular Disease, F/U - F/U to monitor Tx plan, PRE - Pre-op, POST - Post-op, SC - Screening/ total numbers, SU - Surgeries observed




- Psychology

- Social Work

- Primary Care Physicians

- Audiology

- Physician Assistants

- Nurse Practitioners

- Nursing

- Pharmacy

- Radiology

- Lab

- Other specialties as needed


-Heidelberg Spectralis (high definition OCT & HRA) / FAF

- Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer II, model 750

- Stratus time domain OCT

- Zeiss Fundus Camera with Fluorescein/ICG and Digital Capabilites

- Heidelberg Spectralis anterior segment OCT

- High Resolution Ultrasound Biomicroscopy and immersion A-Scan

-Anterior Segment Photographic Biomicroscope

- HRT - 3

-IOL Master

- Ultrasound Corneal Pachymeter

- Auto Lensometer

- Gonioscopy Lenses

- Handheld Slitlamp

- Fundus Non-contact Lenses

- BIO with condensing lens

- YAG, Argon, SLT, and CO2 Lasers

- B and A Scan Ultrasonography - Autorefractor/Autokeratometer
-FDT fields  - Contract Sensitivity
-TV?VCR - educational videos - Tangent Screen
- Automated refracting station -
- Tonopen -