Primary Care/Health

Dorn VA HospitalWJB DORN VA Medical Center

       6439 Garners Ferry Road
       Columbia, SC 29209
       Phone: (803) 776-4000Call: (803) 776-4000
       Fax: (803)695-7960Call: (803)695-7960

Type of Practice:  Veterans Administration Medical Center and Outpatient Clinic; Multi-disciplinary

-- To examine, evaluate, diagnose, manage and treat conditions and diseases of the human ocular and visual system as well as how it relates to systemic disease.
-- To maximize all possible subspecialties in optometry including: low vision, medically indicated contact lenses, binocular vision evaluation, and interpretation of visual fields, fluorescein angiographies, ultrasonography and other radiological imaging that corresponds to ocular diagnoses. .

Number of MCO Students Per Rotation:  2

Please contact Dr. Lauren Roderick at least 6 weeks before the start of the rotation to complete any paperwork needed.  If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Spedoske at 231-591-2202Call: 231-591-2202 (MCO) or 231-591-3845Call: 231-591-3845, Dr. David Durkee, Director of Externships.

Dorn Va Contact Person:
- Lauren Roderick, O.D. - Site Director
- (803)776-4000Call: (803)776-4000 x4240
- E-mail:
Clinical Teaching Faculty: 
-Richart Gardner,OD, FAAO Chief of Optometry                                                              
-W. Jeffrey McGill, OD, FAAO - Staff Optometrist
-Christian W. Jordan, OD FAAO - Coordinator
-Lauren Roderick, OD - Site Director- Staff Optometrist 

Other Clinical Mentors:
- Three Primary Care Residents
Support Staff:
- Adequate support staff is provided. Presently we have 2 optometry techs, 1 visual field tech, 1 medical media photographer, 3 opticians, 1 low vision therapist and 1 low vision coordinator. We have 5+ clerks to check in, check out and schedule patients.

Operating Hours:
- Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.-4:30pm, 

Hours of Direct Patient Care by Extern Per Day:  8 hours Monday-Friday

Number of Patients Seen by Extern Per Day:  The student will be examining around 10 patients per day at the beginning of the rotation with an end result of up to 16 per day at the end of the rotation. The overall goal is to have the student maximize speed, efficiency and clinical competency by the end of their externshipDorn Va

Educational Objectives:
-- Develop and fine-tune clinical skills
-- Provide exposure to multi-disciplinary programs
-- Develop and improve the knowledge of ocular disease in the geriatric population, including differential diagnoses, management, and treatment.
-- Provide the maximum low vision service possible
-- Develop proper patient education and communication skills
-- To have exposure to a geriatric population with many complicated systemic conditions and how it may relate to ocular disorders.
-- To encourage students to publish, research, and present interesting cases when the opportunity presents itself.

Scope of the Externship: 

Chart of Patient Examinations



* Average Number of Patient Examinations 
Rotation 1 = 451

Rotation 2 = 398
Rotation 3 500


Rotation 1 = 1342

-- Not provided by the facility
--Approximate cost: $450-600/month; opportunity for housing a couple blocks away from hospital. Student is advised to contact a previous student extern, current resident or attending as to the best places(s) to stay.

-- Columbia, SC: largest city in SC, population ~ 700,000
--Near Fort Jackson; largest and most active initial entry training center in the US Army.
--Home of the University of South Carolina and other smaller educational institutions.

-- Every Friday afternoon from 1:00 pm-3:30 pm is education period where grand rounds, educational lectures, and journal club occurs.
-- New facility for main Optometry Clinic since Fall of 2001
--New facility for Low Vision Clinic projected for early 2010.
-- Electronic Medical Records (it is best for the student if they are a proficient typist)
--Access to VA library, Optometry clinic library, and USC School of Medicine Library.  The student can request articles from Medline through the VA library.
-- The facility offers an accredited one year optometric residency in Primary Care with 3 positions; however Low Vision, Contact Lenses and Disease are emphasized.
-- Ophthalmology residency training at same clinical setting
-- The clinic offers an accredited one year residency in ocular disease
-- Multi-disciplinary Health Services:              

- Podiatry, Infectious Disease


- Neurology, Mental Health

- Dermatology

- Rehabilitative Medicine, TBI

- GYN, Podiatry, Dermatology

- General Practice Medicine

- Internal Medicine

- Dentistry

- Oncology, Radiology, Audiology
- Urgent care, GU

        -- Auxiliary Equipment:        

- Fundus Camera with Fluorescein Angiography capabilities (2)

- Anterior Segment photographic biomicroscope


- Fluorescein Angiography

- Pachymeter (3)
- A/B Ultrasound (2)

- Humphrey VF Analyzer II, I series (x2) soon to upgrade both machines

- OCT (Cirrus)
-Tonopens (3)
- Frequency Doubling Technology (FDT)
- Goldmann Visual Field machine
-We request new equipment annually to assist in improving our equipment.

- BIO with condensing lens X (15, 20, 25D,30D) one per room
-Fundus CL (Goldmann 3- mirror)
Gonioscopy Lenses (Many different types and models, 30+ total lenses)
-Foreign Body Kits (5)