Primary Care/Health/Peds

The Grand Rapids Lions Club Vision Clinic
at Heart of the City Health Center
(Formerly known as Cherry Street Health Services)

Site 1:
        Heart of the City Health Center

         100 Cherry Street SE
         Grand Rapids, MI 49503
         Phone: 616-776-2135 
       Fax: 616-940-5334 

Type of Practice:

Federally Qualified Community Health Center
Multidisciplinary Medical Clinic


Number of MCO students per rotation:
-- 1 or 2 Students in each Rotation

Orientation Instructions:
Please contact Dr. Kalaczinski 6 weeks prior to the beginning of your rotation to verify dates, times, directions, parking, and any other information. BE CERTAIN TO TAKE YOUR CURRENT CPR CRD, PROOF OF A FLU SHOT, TB TEST RESULTS CARD, AND HEP B (OR WAIVER FORM) TO EACH OF YOUR ROTATION SITES. Report to the address above at 8:00 a.m., the first day of the rotation for orientation to policies, clinical protocol, administrative procedures, etc. Please bring the following forms, HEP B, Volunteer Application, Student Intern/Extern Policy, Mission Statement, Confidentiality Policy.  If you have any questions, please contact our office at (231) 591-2202 (Elizabeth Spedoske, Assistant Dean’s Office) or (231) 591-3845 (Dr. David Durkee, Interim Director of Externships).
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Contact Person:
Lillian Kalaczinski, O.D.
            Telephone: 616-776-2135
    Clinical Teaching Faculty:

            Lillian Kalaczinski, O.D.
           Renee Mika, O.D., FAAO 
           Meagan Baker, O.D.
           Adam Carlson, O.D.
Support Staff:
Jennifer Mullder, Optician
            one Spanish translator                           

  Externs Scheduled Hours
Monday 10:00 am-8:00 pm
Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Wednesdays- 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at MCO
Friday: 9:00 am-12:00 pm

    Hours of direct patient care for extern per day: Varies by day, see above
    Number of patients seen by extern per day: One complete exam per hour and follow-ups as needed.

*Directions to Clinic:

Take 131-S to Market St exit and go straight (east) on to CherrySt – the Heart of the City Health Center is at corner of Cherry and LaGrave.   Turn right (south) on LaGrave and look for the parking garage on right –enter garage, go to lowest level (P1) and take
elevator in middle of garage up to 1st floor –ask front desk to be directed to Vision.  Alternatively, take the Wealthy St exit (go left -east) and then turn left (north) on La Grave and find parking garage –hit Cherry St -gone too far. 

 Educational Objectives:

Scope of the Externship:

*Average Number of Patient Examinations
Rotation 1 = 258
Rotation 3 = 0

*Average Number of Patient Examinations
Rotation 1 = 492
Rotation 3 = 140

*Average Number of Patient Examinations
Rotation 1 = 316



PC - Primary Care, CL - Contact Lens, VT - VT Evaluation, LV - LV Evaluation, PD - Pediatric, OD - Ocular Disease, F/U - F/U to monitor Tx plan, PRE - Pre-op, POST - Post-op, SC - Screening/ total numbers, SU - Surgeries observed




- Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

- Tonopen

- BIO with condensing lens

- Gonioscopy Lenses

- Fundus Non-Contact Lenses

- Pachymeter

- Anterior Segment Camera

 -Matrix- FDT


 -Fundus Camera

-OCT Cyrus