Jim Crow Museum Staff

David Pilgrim, Founder and Curator

In his role as curator, Dr. Pilgrim is responsible for the following:

    Collecting the objects to be housed in the Museum
    Devising ways to exhibit and interpret the Museums objects
    Creating traveling exhibits;
    Working with museum staff to maintain and protect the Museum's objects
    Working with museum staff to keep track of inventory
    And, educating the public about the objects and publicizing their existence.

Trinidy Williams

Trinidy Williams, Executive Director of Collections and Museums

Trinidy Williams is serving as the Interim Executive Director of Collections and Museums for the College of Arts and Sciences. Ms. Williams is responsible for the following:

    Contact person for general information about the Museum
    Contact person for organizational questions
    Maintenance of Museum policies
    Supervision of Museum staff
    Management of Museum budgets

Lisa Kemmis, Museum Assistant

Lisa Kemmis has served as the Museum assistant since 2010. Ms. Kemmis primary responsibilities are:

    Initial contact person for all Museum business
    Scheduling of all group tours
    Scheduling for the Museum's traveling exhibits
    Processing monetary and artifact donations
    Office administration duties

Franklin Hughes, Videographer/Multimedia

Franklin Hughes joined the Jim Crow Museum staff in the fall of 2011. Mr. Hughes is responsible for:

    The audio and video content of the New Jim Crow Museum
    Redesign of the Jim Crow Museum web site with Ted Halm
    Creating video content for use in the museum and for promotions