Service Catalog

The Service Catalog is a fundamental part of providing a world class customer experience for IT support incidents and service requests. Many IT organizations know the services they provide to customers, but they do not have the services documented or defined. A Service Catalog defines and communicates these services. It provides customer-facing services that are visible to the business and supporting services required by the IT service provider.

An IT service catalog contains information about deliverables, prices, contact points and processes for requesting a service. Typically a catalog will have two views, a customer-facing view from which business users can browse and select services as well as a technical view that documents exactly what is required to deliver each service in the catalog.

The Service Catalog benefits IT and the University in many ways:
Service Catalog Benefits Diagram

IT Services is currently working on developing our Service Catalog that will allow the University to better interact with IT and request help with technology related issues much easier and more efficiently. The Service Catalog will provide all of the necessary details about the services IT provides, making it easier and faster to get help specifically for those services through our Self-Service portal.