View Instructor Comments

In the latest version of Blackboard there is a feature that instructors can use called In-Line Grading. Part of In-Line Grading allows the instructor to directly markup documents that students have submitted right in the web browser. There is no need for the instructor to download the file, markup the document on their computer and save the file, then upload the graded document to the system.

This in-browser document markup is made possible by a third party software provider called Crocodoc, and these documents are converted into the PDF file format. This article will provide information for students on how they can download the graded PDF file and view any comments that the instructor marked up in the document. For privacy reasons, any names contained in the images have been blurred.

Viewing and Printing Comments Contained in PDF File

By default, when opening the PDF file in Adobe Reader, you should see the items that had been highlighted by the instructor. You also will see the Sticky Notes stacked on top of each other along the right side of the document, overlaid on top of the PDF document. The Sticky Notes contain the comments for each highlighted section in the document. Mousing over a Sticky Note will display a callout pointer that points to the highlighted text that the comment refers to. See the below screen shot in Figure 1. Unfortunately, the screen shot does not capture the callout pointer.
Image showing Sticky Note that refers to highlighted text when highlighted text is
                              moused over.
Figure 1

There is an easier way to view the comments. In the upper right corner of the Adobe Reader application on the Tool Bar, click the Comment button, as pictured in Figure 2 below.
Image showing where to click the Comment button on the Adobe Reader Tool Bar.
Figure 2

This enables the Comments List. Clicking on the highlighted text in the document, will highlight the Sticky Notes comment in the Comments List that refers to that highlighted text, as pictured in the screenshot below seen in Figure 3.
Image showing which Sticky Note refers to the highlighted text that has been clicked
Figure 3

One can further control the Commenting Preferences by selecting the Options button in the Comments List, and selecting Commenting Preferences, as seen below in Figure 4.
Image showing how to control the commenting preferences.
Figure 4

If you want to make sure that the comments are printed when printing the document, go into the Commenting Preferences. Make sure that you check the box for the “Print notes and pop-ups” option, click OK. Select from the Menu Bar File > Print. In the Print window, be sure to click the “Summarize Comments” button. This will include the comments in the printed document. See the screenshot in Figure 5 below.
Image showing how to make sure that comments are printed when printing the document.
Figure 5

A pop-up window will appear asking if you are sure you want to include the text of summarized comments in the document to be printed. Click Yes. You will see the Summarize comments progress bar, and when completed you will again see the Print window. Take note that there are now more pages included in the print preview. Comments will be printed one page after each document page, and will have a number that references the highlighted text in the document.