How to install a Tegrity recorder on a MAC

This tutorial will walk users through setting up the Tegrity Recorder on a Mac computer.

  1. "Download Recorder" appears in the top left-hand corner of your page. Click the link.
    Install Tegrity on Mac SS1
  2. Click "Tegrity Recorder".
    Install Tegrity on Mac SS2
  3. A downloads box will pop up. Double click the Tegrity recorder icon and select "Download".
    Install Tegrity on Mac SS3
  4. Once the downloading process is complete, copy the file into a folder of your choice (Programs, Desktop, Documents, etc.).
  5. Exit all web browsers that may be running (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.).
  6. Run the Tegrity Recorder.
  7. You may be prompted to download the Tegrity Recorder Plug in, as shown below. Be sure to exit all web browsers. Install the Plug in and the Tegrity Recorder will be ready to run.Install Tegrity on Mac SS4