Recording a Class

  1. Access your My Tegrity homepage by clicking on the Tegrity Classes link within your Blackboard course.  If you have deleted your Tegrity Classes link within your current class, you can go into another class or log into Tegrity.
    Tegrity Classes link in Blackboard
  2. When you click on the Tegrity Classes link, an External Protocol dialog box may appear.  Check the box as shown in the following image, Number 1 to remember your choice.  Then click on "Launch Application" button to continue. 
    External Protocal dialog box
  3. Select "Start a Recording", located in the top right-hand corner.
    Image of Start Recording button in Tegrity
  4. A window titled "Tegrity Recorder" will appear.  Select the course you would like to save your recording to from the course drop down. 
    Optional Steps:
    • The default title for a recording is the date and time, this can easily be changed by editing the Title field as shown in the image in Number 1.
    • You may choose to select a photo from your computer to appear on the recording as shown in Number 2.
    • If you have webcam capabilities, you may check the box enabling "Instructor Video" as shown in Number 3.  You will only see the Instructor Video check box if your computer has webcam capabilities.
    • The "Test Audio" button (Number 4) allows you to test the strength of the microphone you're using. Following the on-screen instructions that appear, the green bar will fluctuate up and down as you speak into your microphone, indicating its strength.
      Image of Tegrity Recorder and options

  5. Click "Record" when you're ready to begin recording.

Toolbar Controls

Upon clicking "OK", Tegrity begins recording all actions made on your computer. Not only does Tegrity record all of your actions, but the program also allows you to draw directly onto the screen, and to create onscreen whiteboards. This section will show you how to use those controls effectively.

You'll know that Tegrity is recording because the Tegrity controls will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your toolbar. The Tegrity recording controls have been reproduced below.


By selecting the left arrow, located to the far left of the control panel, the panel expands illuminating additional controls that will allow you to:

  1. Expand your webcam(s) into full-view mode.
  2. Draw directly onto your computer screen using a series of tools.
    • Clicking on this feature, boxed in yellow, enacts multiple tools that appear above the icon.  Enacting any of these features allows you to draw on the screen in front of you. To exit this mode click the x circled in blue.
  3. Enable a full-screen view of a white board. This tool creates full screen whiteboards on your screen.  You can choose from graph paper, binder paper, a blank white board, or previous documents.

Completing a Recording


When you select the stop button, you will be asked to select the action you wish to take.  You may either:

  • Upload the video to Tegrity (which takes place in the background and does not interrupt any other activities, however, this also means it may not be available immediately to link within Blackboard)
  • Preview, which allows you to watch and review the lecture you have recorded before posting it on Tegrity.
  • Delete the recording.

Once the upload has completed the recording is automatically available to the students within the Tegrity Classes area of their Blackboard course.