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Due to a recent security patch to FerrisConnect, Respondus has not been allowed access.  This problem can be fixed by following the directions below.

Respondus Patch SS 1

  1. Download the patch by clicking HERE. This patch is for the Campus-Wide version only. If you have bought the program yourself you will need to use a different patch located HERE.
  2. Double click on the patch.  The file name is Respondus4UpdateCampus.exe.
    Respondus Patch SS 2
  3. Click Run
    Respondus Patch SS 3
  4. The updater needs the location of Respondus.  If you installed Respondus in the default directory click Update Program.
    Respondus Patch SS 4
  5. Respondus will let you know when the patch has completed and you should now be able to access FerrisConnect through Respondus.
    Respondus Patch SS 5

Last updated: 03-04-2015