Discussion Boards

About Discussion Boards

The discussion board is a tool for sharing thoughts and ideas about class materials.

Getting Started with a Discussion Board

    1. Click on the plus sign (+) at the top navigation to expand the menu to add a new item to your course.
    2. Click on “Tool Link.”
    3. In the Tool Link dialog box, enter the name for your discussion board. I entered Discussion Board for this example.

    4. Select Discussion Board from the “Type” drop-down menu.

    5. Check the box to make the Discussion Board available to users.

    6. The Discussion Board link that you created is located on the bottom of the Resources menu. Move your mouse over the Discussion Board name until the cross-hairs are showing. Then drag and drop it to the desired location.
    1. After it has been moved, click on the Discussion Board link you created.
    2. Click on Create your Forum.
    3. In the Discussion Form Information, enter a name for the discussion forum. This is a required field. A description is optional.
    4. In the Forum Availability section, check the box to make it is available and enter any date and time restrictions.

    5. In the Forum Settings, click on the buttons for the settings you want to apply.