Notification Dashboard

About the Notification Dashboard

The Notifications Dashboard contains four basic modules that give information to users based on their enrollment and their role in the system. Which modules are available and what type of notifications are delivered is set up by the system administrator. Users with multiple enrollments will receive information in modules for all their classes and organizations. Users with multiple roles will receive information in modules for all their roles. Users can navigate to individual items to take action.

Instructors can customize the notifications that appear on this page, as well as opt to have email notifications sent to their account.

The page displays these modules:

  • Needs Attention - Displays all items in a course that require some type of interaction. Instructors, TAs, and Graders see assignments, tests, and surveys that have been submitted.
  • Alerts - Displays past due and early warning notifications for all courses. Instructors, TAs, and Graders see the users in each course that have past due items and who have generated early warning messages. Links are provided to email students and view early warning system rules. Students see any assignments, tests, or other items that are past due and any early warning messages received.
  • What's New - Displays a list of new items in all relevant courses and organizations. Instructors, TAs, and Graders see any new assignments that have been submitted, tests that have been submitted, new discussion board posts. Students see new discussion board posts, new grades posted, new content that is available.
  • To Do - Displays the status (Past Due/Due) of relevant course work and tasks. Students see any grade items that have listed due dates in two categories, what is past due and what is due in the future. Links to relevant course items are provided. 

Where to find the Notification Dashboard

The Notification Dashboard can be found by clicking on My Blackboard,

Notification Dashboard Screen Shot 1

and then clicking on the Notifications Dashboard link, as pictured below.

Notification Dashboard Screen Shot 2

Once in the Notifications Dashboard you should see a screen similar to that below.

Image of notification module

Helpful Hints

Instructors can access their student's assessments directly from within the Notifications Dashboard! 

  1. From the Notifications Dashboard click Actions and select Expand All
    Image of notification action.
  2. Click on the student's dropdown for their submitted assessment and you will have the option of Grade, Email, or Dismiss.  When the instructor selects Grade, they will be taken to view the submission just like from the Grade Center or Needs Grading area.
    Notification Dashboard Screen Shot 5

Instructors can be notified via E-mail when students have submitted assignments or discussion comments.

  1. From the Notifications Dashboard, select Edit Notification Settings and then Edit General Settings.
  2. The instructor has the option of obtaining a notification once per day, at 7:00 AM, of all submissions from the past day by utilizing the E-mail Digest; or getting individual messages for each submission. Notification Dashboard Screen Shot 6

Instructors can customize the courses they would like various notifications from

  1. From the Edit Notification Settings screen select Courses I am Teaching from the Bulk Edit Notifications Settings.
  2. Instructors can customize multiple courses at once by first clicking Selected.  Selecting the courses they would like and moving them with the arrow buttons in the middle to the right side.
    Notification Dashboard Screen Shot 7
    Notification Dashboard Screen Shot 8
  3. The E-mail address in which the information will be sent is listed under section 2.
    Notification Dashboard Screen Shot 11
  4. Once the courses have been selected there is a long list of notification options.  If the instructor would like to receive e-mails when assignments are submitted they would click the e-mail checkbox to the right of Assignment Submitted.
    Notification Dashboard Screen Shot 12