Add or Remove Users

Login to MyFSU and go into Blackboard.  In the My Courses box, you Image of the Control Panel in Blackboard will see all your courses grouped by role (ie. Courses in which you are a Student, Courses in which you are Instructor Plus...). Go to a course where you are "Instructor Plus."

Within the Control Panel in Blackboard, click on  "Users and Groups" to expand the menu.  Click on "Users."  

Add a New User

Next, click the "Find User to Enroll" button.  You will only see this button if you have the "Instructor Plus" Role.  

Find user image

On the next page, enter the username of the person you want to add, such as "testerk."  Select the Role from the drop-down menu that you want the person to have.  You may want testerk to be a student in your course or you may need to put your mentor in as an instructor.  Click the Submit button. (DO NOT BROWSE)

Find user image

After you submit, you should get a green bar that says "Success" at the top of the page.  You should also see the new person in your class.  If you do not see the student, then click on the link below to "Show All" as sometimes it displays the user on "Page 2."

Remove a User or Edit User Options

To remove a user, click on the checkbox next to the username and select "Remove Users from Course."  All work for that student will be removed so do this carefully.  Click on the chevron icon next to the user and you will see other options; for instance, change the user's availability to the course.

Image of user menu options.