Blackboard Drive for Mac OS X Installation

Please follow the instructions listed below for downloading and installing the Mac OS X version of Blackboard Drive. The instructions below are specific to using the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The instructions will be similar using other browsers.

  1. If you have not already downloaded the application, please use the link below to do so.
  2. When you click the above link to download the install file, you will see the following window as illustrated in Figure 1. Click the Save File button to continue.

    Figure 1
  3. In the Downloads window, double click the file name BbDrive-mac_setup.dmg, as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2
  4. Wait momentarily while the package is extracted. You will see a new window called "Blackboard Drive for Mac", with an icon called "Blackboard Drive.mpkg", as seen in Figure 3 below. Double click this file to install the package.

    Figure 3
  5. You may see the following security message, as shown in Figure 4. If you do not, then click the Continue buttons and skip to step 12. If you do see the security message then you will need to momentarily modify some security settings so that you can install the Blackboard Drive application. Click the OK button.

    Figure 4
  6. To modify the security settings, open Finder and browse to Applications and double click System Preferences, as displayed in Figure 5.

    Figure 5
  7. In the System Preferences window within the Personal section, click on the Security & Privacy icon as displayed below in Figure 6.

    Figure 6
  8. In the Security & Privacy window click the Lock icon, as shown in Figure 7 below, in the lower left corner to make changes.

    Figure 7
  9. Provide your Mac OS X user credentials, as shown in Figure 8.

    Figure 8
  10. As displayed in Figure 9, in the "Allow applications downloaded from:" section select the "Anywhere" radio button option. In the "Choosing 'Anywhere' makes your Mac less secure" notification window, click the Allow From Anywhere button.

    Figure 9
  11. Click the pad lock icon to prevent further changes, as shown in Figure 10, and close the Security & Privacy window.

    Figure 10
  12. As previously instructed in Step 4, double click on the "Blackboard Drive.mpkg" file to start the installation of the package. This will load the Install Blackboard Drive window, and click both continue buttons, as shown in Figure 11 below.

    Figure 11
  13. You will then be notified, as seen in Figure 12, that you need Administrator privileges in order to install Blackboard Drive for Mac. If you don't have Administrator privileges, then please close out of the install and contact the Technology Assistance Center. You are also notified that you will need to log out at the end of the installation, so please save any current work and exit any other running applications. Click the Continue button to proceed with the installation.

    Figure 12
  14. You are then prompted with the Software License Agreement, as shown in Figure 13. Click the Continue button, and then click the Agree button to continue.

    Figure 13
  15. Click the Install button, as displayed in Figure 14 below, at the Standard Install on "Macintosh HD" segment of the installation wizard.

    Figure 14
  16. To continue with the installation, you are prompted to enter your password for your Mac user account, and then click the Install Software button as shown in Figure 15.

    Figure 15
  17. As displayed in Figure 16, you will be prompted to close all applications and that upon completion of the installation you will be logged out. If you are sure that you want to install the software now, click the Continue Installation button.

    Figure 16
  18. You will see the progress bar displayed while Blackboard Drive is being installed. Once it has successfully been installed, you will see the installation was successful message, as shown in Figure 17. Click the Log Out button to complete the installation.

    Figure 17
  19. Log back into your Mac and repeat steps 6 - 11, but this time make sure that you change the "Allow applications downloaded from:" setting back to "Mac App Store and identified developers".

  20. Open Finder and navigate to Applications > Blackboard > and double click on Blackboard Drive to start using the application.